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Secant & Tangent Pile Walls

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Pile walls are one of the most known techniques among earth retaining systems. The selection of  Pile walls construction method is usually based on different factors including the construction purpose, the ground water conditions, the boundary conditions  and the required retention depth. Pile walls are constructed using different  configurations. Our equipment fleet provide the following construction methods: - Tangent pile walls for earth retention works in the absence of ground water table to the final excavation level. - Tangent pile walls with grouted pile interfaces or secant pile walls (Soft/Hard piles) for earth retention, where ground water table is present above the final excavation level. Piles constituting the retaining walls are drilled piles of either CFA or Bored type. Anchored or strutted pile walls  can support deep earth retention, minimizing the pile sections  &  limiting the pile wall deflection. We provide earth shoring  to various depths  under different ground water conditions using cantilever, strutted and anchored combinations.