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Pile Testing

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The  static load test  involves the direct  measurement of  pile load  head displacement in the response of  a physically applied  test load. It is the most fundamental form of pile load test  and is considered the bench mark of pile performance.

Integrity tests of  different  levels of analysis can be used to detect the consistency of pile shafts and determine the magnitude of defects  at different pile sections.

We perform Static load tests to 10000KN. Reaction are normally taken from the classic kentledge system ,  ground anchors or tension piles methods.

We also offer Pile integrity and dynamic tests through our service providers.

By combining various pile testing approaches , we can guarantee  controlled  pile behavior under service loads in different directions and secure shafts consistency free of anomalies.

Other  testing methods are also available as per client request including the use of  load cells and telltales.