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Permeation grouting

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Permeation grouting is typically defined as the flow of  low viscosity grout (microfine cement, bentonite cement, sodium silicate, acrylate or polyurethane) into the pores of the soil without displacing or changing the soil structure.
Permeation grouting is mainly used for increasing the strength and cohesion of the granular soils and to decrease the permeability of the soil and provide a watertight blankets for excavations.
The main areas of application can be summarized in the following:

- Base slabs and horizontal cut-off blankets
-Vertical cut-off walls (in particular for the intersection of pile and D.walls), closing gaps between Wall panels or piles.
- Ground improvement (B/C & Young’s Modulus) for the utilities and footing support. Increasing stand up time to allow tunneling to take place  with increased stand-up time.