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MicroPiles  are small diameter piles  comprised of a central steel component with an annular surround of grout that is in contact with the soil. The steel component is  normally a metal tube, beam or multiple bars.
The equipment used for the installation of micropiles  are much smaller than the conventional piling equipment, typically being the same or less than what is  used for the installation of ground and rock anchors.
Micropiles are normally used for underpinning, strengthening, bracing, take-up of bending and tensile loads due to fill and resistance to negative skin friction. Our equipment fleet cover different sizes  of indoor and outdoor drilling rigs which can work in confined spaces and limited headroom.

Our equipment can be operating under 1.90m clear headroom, having a minimum width of 800mm.
For such limited working spaces ,  we normally use electric drilling rigs operating from remote controls.
Our grouted micropiles production can be installed to 350mm diameter – 900 kN service load in compression and tension.
The micropile length, diameter and service load is normally based on ground conditions, available work space  and features of used drilling units.