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Grouted Bored Piles

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Post grouted piles are mainly used for structures which require piles of relatively high service loads. The increase in post grouted pile capacity  can be achieved by improving both  the skin and tip resistances of drilled shafts. The geotechnical strength improvement is mainly based on the soil stratification the piles are drilled through, grouting pressures and the grout strength used. Non cohesive soils with minimum fines content can offer an ideal media  for shaft and tip grouting,  increasing the average shaft diameter, pile base, skin resistance and base bearing strength. Shaft grouting can be carried out by mounting injection sleeves to the pile reinforcement. Grouting sleeves are a typical tube a manchette erected at 500mm spacing. The base grouting is achieved through grouting flexibles tied to the pile cage and assembled at the pile tip. Grouts of cement base with the same strength of the concrete used in poring the piles are normally used for post grouting. The ultimate pile loads can be doubled by being post grouted, provided that a grout able media is surrounding the pile shaft and base.