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Compensation Grouting

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Compensation or Fracture grouting is the intentional fracturing of the ground by high pressure injection of cement-based grout through sleeve port pipe to form lenses or veins of grout in order to provide reinforcement and even some consolidation to the soil.

Grouting is typically performed in several phases , with repeated injections at each port to ensure the formation of multiple fracture through the soil.

When performed with underground construction such as ground tunneling, fracture grouting of soils between tunnel and overlying structures has the specific design intent of providing a controlled ground heave to compensate for potential structural settlement.

Main application: for tunnel driving in built-up areas .

Compensation grouting consists of injecting grout between the tunnel being driven and the foundations of the surface structures in precisely calculated quantities to offset the effects of soil decompression and the material removed for the tunnel.

The grouting parameters are continually adjusted with reference to measured movements of the ground and surface structures, to keep settlement and deformations within specified limits.