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Bored Piles

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Drilled shafts, also known as caissons, drilled piers or bored piles, are often the deep foundations of choice for buildings with high or concentrated column loads. Pile Founded in rock  provide an effective  means of minimizing foundation settlements  and can often provide significant  savings in pile cap costs over other, lower capacities, pile types. Drilling of depths up to 60m and to diameters  from 300mm to in excess of 2.0m is possible in both soils and rocks. Various lining slurries can be used to suit the formation being drilled , ground water regime encountered, and  projects environmental constraints. Drilled shafts can be designed as end-bearing or friction shafts. Construction can be by the dry, wet or cased method, depending on the subsurface conditions and groundwater table elevation. Our current equipment fleet can support pile drilling to 1500mm Diameter, 44.0m depth.