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AFNEL was established in Egypt early of 1997 starting with conventional piling and shoring projects in addition to median size civil works.

Over the past 20 years, AFNEL has earned a reputation in the industry based on its technical strength, performance, work quality and skilled human resources supporting the company.

In 2001 the company has expanded its services focussing on the geotechnical industry to cover additional activities including and not limited to stability of slopes, foundations underpinning, Ground water control, ground improvement and conventional tunnel shafts. The company since then had increased its investments, hiring more professionals and importing more plants to cover the new expansion.

We rely on the knowledge of our expertises and the latest technologies we have invested in, providing our clients with creative, economical, practical and feasible designs followed by a complete range of construction technical services to support the full list of work packages we offer to the market.

Our experience covers different work sectors including O&Gas projects, Power plants & substations, infrastructures (water & sewage plants, pump stations, bridges and roads), Tunnel shafts, underpinning works, industrial plants, administrative, residential, educational, governmental and commercial developments.

We currently provide our clients with a long list of Geotechnical Engineering & Construction services supported by our skilled staff and a wide variety of equipment listed under our fleet. Our equipment fleet comprises CFA & Bored piles drilling rigs, indoor and outdoor Micropiles & Ground anchors drilling units, slurries and chemical grouting units and a wide range of dewatering plants.

Our various shoring applications could be tailed to suit different soils and site conditions including multi anchored / strutted pile walls, sheet pile walls, shotcreted and burlin walls.

Our projects have combined various soil and rock slope stability construction approaches including re-benching, soil nailing and rock bolting to support our technical assessment to slopes in both soft grounds and rocks of different weathering conditions.

Our foundation underpinning projects have been supported by a smart fleet of indoor and outdoor micropiles and grouting units. Most of our indoor drilling units support operations under low headroom and are designed to be operating through separate power packs remotely controlled, keeping a relatively high drilling torque to be used when necessary and minimum vibrations. Our fleet could currently support indoor drilling works under a clear height of 2150mm and able to access openings of less than 800mm width.

We have already extended our Engineering services to cover other countries in the Gulf and in Australia, with more future plans to establish new branches to work from as Geotechnical contractors in the MENA region. We are currently providing design and construction technical support services to limited number of clients in Dubai  and AbuDhabi, and co-operating with our sister company  based in Melbourne, Australia.