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Earth Retention

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Sector Project ID Product Client Date
Cairo Metro – Line 3 – Abbassia Concrete Batch Plants Cantilever Burlin Walls OCI 2007

AbuZabel Water treatment Plant extension

Tangent Pile Walls – Shoring of 4.8m



Al Ayat Pump Station Ground Anchors Wahba Co 2011
Mashtool water plant Ground Anchors Al-Tahan 2015
N. 2 Porcelain Tiles Press – Ceramica Cleopatra Prod. Bld. Tangent Pile Wall shafts – Limited Spacing Ceramica Cleopatra 2003
Pfizer Pharmaceutical Plant Gr. Water Reservoir – Cairo Anchored/Strutted Secant Pile Wall OCI/FosteWheeler 2006
Pfizer Pharmaceutical Plant Gr – Shoring of Prod Bld. – Cairo Cantilever Burlin Wall OCI/FosteWheeler 2006
Extension of Scuib Pharmaceutical Factory – 6th October City Tangent Pile Walls El-Masria 2006
Edita New Premises - Sheikh Zayed 600mm bored Piles Integrated 2013
Fayoum HydroPower Plant Anchored Sheet Piles ALSTOM 99-00
Talkha Power Plant – Intake Structure Ground Anchors OCI/Besix 2005
SidiKrer Power Plant – Intake Structure Ground Anchors OCI/Besix 2008
Al-Ayat Pump Station Ground Anchors Wahba Co 11-12
Developments (Commercial, Malls, Administrative, Residential, Hotels, Resorts, Educational, Hospitals, Others)
58 Gezireh El-Arab – Mohandessine – Cairo Secant Pile Walls – Shoring of Double Basement -7.2m Medhat Dorrah Consulting 1997
5 El-Tayaran St., Heliopolis, Cairo Cantilever Burlin Walls – Shoring of single basement Private Owner 2002
Mirette Co. Headquarter – Mohandessine – Cairo Shotcreted Burlin Wall – 3.9m Mirette Co. 2003
17 & 19 Fagalla St., Cairo Strutted Secant Pile Walls- Shoring of Double basement Private Owner 2005
St George Service Building, Kotsika – Cairo Secant Pile Wall – Single Basement- 4.3m St. George Church 2005
Admin.–Comm. Center - M Hahas – Cairo Anch. Tangent Pile Walls –Shoring of Double basement Oriental Waivers 06-07
6th October Batch Plant Cantilever Burlin Wall OCI 2007
Comm.-Resid. Complex- 32 Nehro St., Roxy-Cairo Tangent Pile Walls - Shoring of Double basement-6.8m General Housing Co. 2007
Boutique Hotel – Zamalek Cantilever Bulrin Walls – Shoring of single basement-3.8m OCI 2008
Dream Tower – Abbas El-Akkad – N City – Cairo Anchored Burlin Walls –Shoring of Double Basement-7.8m Emirates Co. for Real Estate 2008
CANADA Tower – M. Hamam – N City – Cairo Cantilever Burlin Walls – Shoring of Single Basement-4.6m Emirates Co. for Real Estate 2008
AlWatany Bank New Headquarter – New Cairo Anchored Burlin Walls – Shoring of 9.95m Al-Watany Bank 2009

Sabtia Residential Tower
Cairo Down Town

Anchored/Strutted secant
Pile Wall – Shoring of 6.6m

Private Developer


Stella De Mare - AlSukhna Secant Pile Walls - Double Basements Kiriazi

Al-Hagar Garden - Shoubra

Single Bas. Shoring

Private Developer

Rateb St Tower - Shoubra Single basement Private Developer 2006

Military Force Club - Shoubra El-Kheima

Contiguous CFA Piles



Sama Al-Maadi Single basement Sefi 2013
Al Wogouh Church  - Sevice Bld- Shoubra Sec Pile Wall The Church Board 2007
Villa N. 9- Golf - New Cairo CFA Piles Wassa 2008
Saint Mary Church - Nasr City D. Basement Nasr City Church
55 Shoubra St - Shoubra Gound Anchors Private Developer 2008
9 Abdel Hamid Badawy -Heliopolis Anchored PW - D Basement Private Developer 2008
New Porto Cairo N. 250 Anchors, 40-60 Ton Fontec 2015
Rodina Factory - Al-Obour Pile Walls CFA600mm
Soliman - Alhalaby Tower - Cairo Centre CFA Pile Wall Private 2015-2016
Mashtool Water Plant GR Anchors Al-Tahan 2016
Historical Buildings-
Saint Antonio Monastery – Historical Citadel Secant Pile Walls 400mm Dia. –Very Limited Space Finasi – Milane 01- 02
Saint Antonio Monastery – Historical Church Secant Pile Walls – Very Limited Spacing Finasi – Milane 2003
Sultan Kayetbay – Historical Mosque Secant Pile Walls – 500mm Dia. Limited Space Geotechnical-AR.C. 2003
El-Sadat Historical Building Secant Pile Walls 400 & 500mm – Limited Space Hassan Allam Sons 2004
El-400 Historical House Secant Pile Walls 400mm – Limited Space Aswan Co.


The National Theater - Cairo Secant Pile wall 500mm - Plug sealing - limited space Hassan Allam Sons 2010